What is God? What is man? II

To get to know the creator, we must get to know man, that is, the creator’s own image and likeness. To do this, we need to focus on man’s ultimate essence, in other words, the nature of humanness, the only shared trait in every single human being regardless of origin, age, culture, or any other circumstance. What can this lone common feature be, this human essence shared by all souls irrespective of age, history, social and cultural contexts, geographical location, religion, nationality, race, ideological conviction, sexual orientation; true 15,000 years ago just as it is today, tomorrow, or in 5,000 years?

loveWhat has been and what is the most important, ultimate sense, purpose, meaning, and goal of every single human being’s life in the past, in the present, and in the future alike? Progress? Growth? Intelligence? Learning? Race preservation? Money? Welfare? Development? Art? Success? Prestige? Security? Position? Role? Task? Mission? Having some goal in life? Vocation? Procreation? I examined countless possibilities, and it seems that all serve a higher purpose, a superior aim. Behind everything that interests, motivates, and drives man, behind everything that keeps him alive and makes him authentically a non-animal human, as our only species-specific common trait I can only find love, more precisely, the human capability of love.

It seems to me that all of our actions and efforts, work, drive to procreate, growth, progress, learning, the restless search for happiness, the desire for perfection, safety, and belonging, ultimately our entire lives are driven by one single purpose and objective, and are endowed with meaning by but one explanation: love. Man is not able to live without love. In vain is there biology, in vain is there health, pulse and breathing, and in vain is matter in perfect working condition: without love, healthy biological matter can only be called animal. Without love, there is no man, there is no humanity. Without love, man goes mad, his mind grows unbalanced, his body deteriorates, his entire biological self becomes a wreck until he finally perishes.



The above is an excerpt from my book

Messages from Eden – The Autopsy of Existence

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