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What is God? What is man? II

To get to know the creator, we must get to know man, that is, the creator’s own image and likeness. To do this, we need to focus on man’s ultimate essence, in other words, the nature of humanness, the only shared trait in every single human being regardless of origin, age, culture, or any other circumstance. What can this lone common feature be, this human essence shared by all souls irrespective of age, history, social…
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What is God? What is man? I

I’d like to understand God. Not to understand who this well-known Christian God full of human characteristics is, or who that Eastern goddess, this Jewish Yahweh, or that Muslim Allah are – all equally designed, created, characterized, identified, and precisely described by their own cultures, times, politics, economic interests, literature, and other social trends. What I’d love to understand is the ideal, the concept, and the phenomenon that humanity refers to as God. The driving…
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Advanced civilization

Man is born free as an animal. Yet he consigns his life to slavery: socially, collectively, and on an individual voluntary level as well. We call the prison cells of our civilization work, education, welfare, honor, order, and social system, though by all appearances reality is no more than a broken, dysfunctional, unjust, and inhuman arrangement for existence. In its present form, work and its due compensation is a false, lying, and hazardous concept. Self-deception….
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